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It's really rare to see me back to blog..
Sometimes i just don't have the mood to blog even there is something special happening.=P

Oh well..just briefly say what happen and what am i doing now.
Currently having my internship overall SOSO...(there is some parts need to complain a lot..haha)

Straight to the point.
Today finally the day I'm going for my driving license test at Imkeda Cheras. Im the 1st batch trying new place and some part are w/o poles. (Don't ask why am i taking the license now..its not too late to take it anyway). Was really really nervous. My heart keep beating none stop. How can i cure this! take my nervous away!

So conclusion i failed the HILL part. What I can say it. IT'S THAT STUPID CAR PROBLEM.
The place should provide a good car or service the car.
Everything was so smooth when I reach the top of the hill when going doing. #WTF (ops)
Reason i fail was because the clutch is kinda very loose and when I unpress it its just wont move even i press the engine together. You know when you balance it..the feel..end up the car reverse down to hill. 
...even there is person who i just got to know who took the test same day with me and also fail on the hill part reason because the break of the car got problem....seriously NOOB cars! even my driving school car look old but just nice to drive.

Now it's like you fail 1 you fail for the other 2. Cant event take the 2. or Either 1 you fail all 3 you fail too. even you pass some part. They shouldn't like fail 1 fail the other 2. It's kinda not fair! If everyone keep fail the 1 part and very confidence or past the other 2 and if they fail need to retake again. There goes $$ fly away~
Seriously they really know how to earn money. Cheating all the newbies -_-

I'm kinda envy my friend who took it last last time. Where she told me she fail only hill part and when retake only retake that part. That was totally nice! Why they change everything now. You thought everyone is rich?

Well i cant retake at the moment. Due to my internship that I feel so troublesome. Where I need to take leave and replace it. If I keep take leave I need to keep replace it, don't know when I can finish my internship plus I already need to replace 1 1/1 days..and i can feel someone don't like when I take leave =P (seem "she" don't like about it) and I really hate people asking WHY WHY WHY..so plan retest on August..eventhough its late but I think this way more convenience for me..hopefully I wont forget..(i don't think i will forget anyway) will going for lesson again $$. 
hahahahaha (emo laugh) =_=

It's been quite long since the last i update my blog..
been busy a lot...assignment and finding internship..oh yea

anyway..today just something annoy and my feeling was keep messing up and hardly forget the past that happen towards me....
I dont dare to talk face to face ..if just make people unhappy end up fighting..

Someone changed! ( if you know who are you! but I bet she wont even read this)

Hehe..sorry for late..well just wanna say that FINALLY BIG BANG is BACK !
their new album ALIVE..(so match with my FYP concept..lolx)
this song called BLUE..seriously i love it alot...best for ever ! and I LOVE THEM !!!! arggg..
each of them have their own new style..TOP hair is like blue green..COOL!
Daesung hair is white? hmm...GD front hair long..interesting..
gonna buy their album for sure..( wait when im going to get it then =X)

This few's days i felt a bit stress...Final Year Project makes me think too much..No is think ALOT ALOT ALOT..makes me worried a lot stuff..especially when comes to time..Feel that the time is NOT ENOUGH..

plus now im just started to take driving license =x makes me think more isit the correct time to take now..and i started to regret. well..i already paid..what to do..plus i got someone together learn it. Attended the law driving class..seriously its boring...and taking the test on next week..But i kind shock when my cousin ask me wanted to take it tomorrow..i was like WHAT.. i never even touch the book or study anything..so i told her next week
[ she told me next 2 week suddenly ask me tomorrow =( ] well of coz i say no..i got plan on Saturday..and tomorrow is the only day i got to do my assignment..
[ still wondering whether i can finish and get the idea] Goss ! RELAX please ELLY ! chill....

My friend say me..don't think to much later will get depression =x Alright~ don't think so much ..I don't want to end up with sickness later =x

Oh well...say about today..I'm having great time today [wonderful] went to Sunway Lagoon with Charlene,Kaixin, and Vincent. We enter some Treasure the Beach Crazy Party organize by Traveller's Digest. so yea..its a treasure hunt..and me and my friends are separated with different group..sad..
and mine group got the last place =_= ..
It's alright..Gratz to Vincent group on 1st and Charlene group on 2nd !! ENVY!!! (envy cause of prizes..hahaa)

One more thing..got to met local artist. Basically all from 8tv (host).
After the event we just ENJOY playing around the theme park !~
so long never went there...and i do relax myself..
At Night was having Buffet steamboat
(something i craving for long time BUFFET STEAMBOAT!)

Group photo ! uploaded by & Credit to : 八度空间 8TV

Will post more photo if i got to find the picture ..=3

Guess who is this =P
Did it on Holiday..
Used : Adobe Photoshop and Wacom Bamboo ^^
Starting with Chinese New Year -
oh well..as i predict my CNY was just so so..i know it because every year its the same..i really miss my childhood..more fun.i wish that time to stop..=(
1st day CNY just went to aunt house and have dinner together..im kinda jealous of others people family..BIG family enjoying the dinner together...at the moment i feel down..

Well..2nd day CNY... this year i never go back to grandpa house.. normally every 2nd day CNY sure went der..since small..but things change when everyone getting bigger and older..
So i went to Malacca with my cousins...its fun...the weather is freaking hot like hell !! so we kinda went back early around 2pm something..and we went to visit BeeBee Jie...and i got to see her BABY girl! YAY~ really really cute..so small......
can say that my CNY end on 2nd day..pity pitu -__-

and i do realize people wont go out until you ask them..always ME the one who ask..
well its make me feel they doesn't care...i guess~

Its been a while since i update my blog..just recently really really busy.. even though there is a holiday..my holiday almost cover with my assignment work ( FYP )
too much stuff in my brain for now...
I promise to update with some picture..and talk abit some pass stuff =x
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